ARTI Initiated leprosy eradication and dedication Programs to complete 20 project villages in Kalasapakkam block, Tiruvannamalai District.

A professional group was engaged for Street Theater Programs. The programs were a mixture of music, songs, dancing, and action. People’s group in street corners was contacted to elucidate information on the clarity of messages, understanding about various aspects of the disease, and suggestions for improvement, etc.

Group Education Programs – Participants were 25 persons per self-help groups of women, young men and women, adolescent girls, and boys. All programs consisted of pre and post-education question-and-answer sessions. School Education Programs were through lectures during school assemblies in 8 high / higher secondary schools. 4667 school children were given information on leprosy.

ARTI provided knowledge on all aspects of leprosy to all sections of the population in 20 project villages. Comparing the knowledge level of people before and after education programs give us the impression that the programs have really served the purpose for which they were planned.

ARTI is happy to announce that all activities undertaken in connection with the project were undertaken with total commitment. ARTI is also happy to announce that the leaders of the village and self-help groups of women and done their level best to extend their cooperation and support to the project. Thanks to our Donor Agency