Corona Virus has a devastating effect all over the world. India was affected very high in the second wave. Thousands of innocent people are dying due to this, and the number of infected people is increasing day by day. Physically and mentally, women and children are distraught. Poor marginalized, daily wage workers, Homeless, Street & Slum, and nomadic people cannot Hygiene kits, Foods & Basic needs due to financial constraints. As a result, they suffer from adverse effects and their life becomes like hell. And the daily covid-19 positive cases are rising day by day in India.

ARTI organize Dry grains, Hygiene kits, food, Grocery Packet, masks & Basic needs s, and other necessary things for these Corona Virus Affected 2500 marginalized and nomadic Families. Awareness about the virus and providing them proper sanitization kits & Foods is an urgent thing in our service area. They will believe in humanity. Additionally, we plan to create an economic development plan for the affected young women. It will give sustainable development for the damaged economic condition.