Children from rural village schools lack many opportunities as compared to children from towns and cities and this is especially so with computer education. In towns and cities children have easy access to computer education. But, the poor children in the villages don’t get an opportunity even to touch the computers. It is increasingly becoming evident that in today’s technology savvy, IT dependent world, those who do not possess computer knowledge will be left behind. In this connection, it would be a good idea to equip children from village schools to have access to computer education in the village set-up.

In view of this, during this year ARTI organized a skill development program in Computer Software Technology for the benefit of 20 adolescent girls &boys mobilizing the required money from philanthropic persons in the neighborhood. One of the committee members of ARTI donated a computer with all accessories. A girl from one of the service area villages that possesses knowledge and skills in computer software technology and the interest and willingness to teach and share whatever knowledge and skills she had acquired had volunteered to offer her services with a minimum honorarium.

The aim is not so much to make them all computer professionals. But, the education given to them through the Computer Education Program organized by ARTI would help them face the world with confidence. Some of them at least could be hoped to choose careers in the field of computers, as everyone and everything seems to have something to do with computers and communications.